Having healthy skin with monthly facials

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Wonderful! A special event is coming, you are excited and nervous at the same time. May it be a Wedding, Birthday, School Reunion, Christmas and New Year’s Party or any celebration that we will have a chance to reconnect with family, distant relatives, and friends, we should try to look our very best. What great way to wear than your beautiful, radiant and glowing face.

When to get a facial before an event?

Depending in what you want to achieve and your skin type. If that special event triggered your enthusiasm to start your facial journey, Congratulations! We are happy to serve you. We suggest visiting our expect Skin Therapist at least three or two months before the big event for a thorough skin analysis using Skinscope LED. Skinscope LED is designed to help assess patients’ skin with two light modes: a simulated daylight mode for reviewing visible concerns, and a LED-UV light mode for identifying underlying damage. She will give you professional customized facial treatment best suitable for your skin type and needs based on your skin analysis. Preparation is the key….we can’t afford breakouts if we do it on the last minute.


  • Signature facials bespoke to your needs.
  • City Radiance
  • Glow and Go
  • Banish the Blemish
  • Gentle Touch

If you are the one who do routine facial. This upcoming event could be your motivation to step up the notch. You can have a regular facial two weeks before the event with our Facialist and you can have a consultation with our Principal Aesthetic Practitioner on what Aesthetic procedure most excellent for you.


  • Wrinkle Correction Treatment – One month before the event
  • Mesotherapy – one week before the event
  • Profhilo® – One month before the event
  • Viscoderm Hydrobooster® – One month before the event
  • Dermal Fillers – One month before the event
  • Ellansé® Fillers – four months before the event
  • Microneedling – two weeks before the event
  • Ultherapy® – six months before the event
  • Chemical Peel – Bright Peel® – 3 days before the event

Is it good to have a facial every month?

Before answering this question, we must understand first our skin cycle. Our skin has the power to regenerate itself depending on our age, hormones, stress level, sleep quality and nutrition. Normally Teens have shorter skin cycle from 10-21 days. No wonder their skin is smooth, thigh, and glowing. While young adult the skin cycle is from 21-28 days. The older we get, the slower will be our skin cycle, for 40’s and 50’s adult the cycle is about 45-60 days and for 50’s-60’s age group is about 60-90 days.

Now we know our skin cycle, then it is safe to say that 3-4 weeks or once a month facial is ideal to maintain a great looking skin.

Home Care

Don’t forget your home care regiment. Great skin is a two-way street. You need to pump up your beauty routine at home after a great professional facial. We recommend you use products that are scientifically proven to PREVENT, PROTECT and CORRECT your skin condition. A good Antioxidant serum, Vitamins, moisturizer and sunscreen can make a long-lasting and visible effect on your skin. Six months is an ideal skin preparation before an event. We do not recommend experimenting new products for home care 2 weeks before the party.

All products we use on our Facial procedures, you can also use on your daily home care routine. We make sure to use and offer products that have proven track record in the market, tested in humans and backed with advance scientific investigation.

For more information, please contact our friendly reception team who will be happy to share more information about this with you. https://renu-dental-medispa.dentr.net/


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