Hair Loss Treatment

Although extremely common amongst both women and men, hair loss can be a source of frustration and embarrassment for many. It can occur due to a range of factors including stress, genetics and changing hormone levels. The good news is that there is a plethora of effective, results-driven treatments on the market to promote hair regrowth.

Hair loss treatments come in many forms, some more invasive than others. Here at Re:Nu Dental and Medispa, we specialise in AnteAGE®, a highly effective non-surgical and non-hormonal treatment proven to replicate and regenerate hair follicles and promote natural, healthy hair growth.

What is AnteAGE® hair loss treatment for women and men?

As the most scientifically advanced treatment of its type, AnteAGE® has been developed using the principles of stem cell technology. Nine growth factors responsible for hair follicle replication and regeneration are applied to reverse the ageing process of your hair cycle leading to stronger, healthier hair.

For women, AnteAGE® addresses the problem of thinning hair and hair loss and can result in better coverage across the scalp. AnteAGE® hair loss treatment for men in particular largely focuses on male pattern baldness, with treatment targeted to areas such as the crown and the hairline, providing a fuller head of hair and hair that’s noticeably thicker.

As far as hair loss treatments are concerned, AnteAGE® is by far the least invasive, with no surgery required and no risk of hormonal side-effects.

What’s involved in AnteAGE® treatment?

At Re:Nu Dental and Medispa we offer both in-clinic and at-home treatments, each offering slightly different application procedures, but equally noticeable results.

In-clinic treatment: this procedure combines the AnteAGE® clinical hair regeneration system with microneedling to deliver the best results. It is a course of 5 procedures spaced 2 weeks apart.

At-home treatment: a kit containing AnteAGE® hair serum, a thickening brush and dermal needling device to be used between 1 to 5 times per week, depending on the desired results.

Why choose AnteAGE® treatment at Re:Nu Dental and Medispa?

  • Highly experienced in consulting on and delivering AnteAGE® hair loss treatments for women and men
  • Results have been seen in as little as 8 weeks
  • Treatment proven to stop hair loss and actively promote hair regrowth
  • Increased amount of visible hair in balding areas
  • No downtime required, unlike surgical procedures
  • No risk of hormonal side effects linked to other drug treatments such as Finasteride
  • Safe hyaluronic acid base with no toxic ingredients
  • Flexible application – either in-clinic or at home
  • Can be applied on all skin types
  • Pain-free (no numbing agent required)

What’s the price of AnteAGE® hair loss treatment?

View our fee list for price information on all hair regrowth treatments.

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